working on a solo plemora instance so i can finally achieve my dream of whitelist federation

lindsay ellis's recent review of "titanic" would be the main inspiration

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considering the ubiquity of the youtube genre "that thing you like is bad actually," i've considered trying to fill the niche of "that thing you hate is good actually"

capitalism 2/2 

5. because of 4, you are opening the door to further dishonesty like embezzlement and time theft

6. you are not treating your employees like fucking human beings

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capitalism 1/2 

reasons charging your employees for their mistakes (ie, breaking a dish) is bad:

1. you're passing a cost of doing business on to employees, which is simply unethical

2. you're making your employees scared to make mistakes, which likely slows them down to a too-deliberate pace

3. you're making your employees scared to admit mistakes, which means coverups and lies

4. because of 3, you are teaching your employees that lies and dishonesty pay

How to tell if someone was born before or after about 1993 

Say "This picante sauce was made in New York City!"

If they respond "wut," then they were born after.

If they respond "NEW YORK CITY????", they were born before.

i said i was quitting fedi, but it's more like i'm moderating. seems ok so far

Me: *tries to get ahold of a small friendly dog wearing no collar and running loose*

Someome four houses away: HE'S FINE, LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Me: ...

Good evening to everyone except people who call a rideshare to pick them up at an apartment complex and don't text the gate code and/or where to fucking pick them up.

soccer, subtoot of someone on facebook 

it's not a handball penalty just because the offense kicked the ball into the defender's hand

social media for the people 

who jerk off over linux

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me: pleroma has whitelist federation, i wonder if i could solve my concerns by running a solo pleroma server

pleroma server setup guide: *a bunch of goddamn fossbro bullshit that the uninitiated can't possibly understand*

me: nevermind i guess

US politics 

ron johnson might be replaced by a democrat

joe manchin will only ever be replaced by a republican

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US politics 


hey you

yeah you, the one complaining about joe manchin

name all 50 republican senators who are refusing to support the voting rights bill

actually, i'm just gonna try to quit fedi.

if you want to find me and don't know how, my email is listed in my profile

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actually, i'm just gonna try to quit fedi.

if you want to find me and don't know how, my email is listed in my profile

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Suicidal ideation? 

I don't want to kill myself but I do want to never have existed

DuckTales question 

why the crap does launchpad mcquack's house have "LU" as a logo on it?

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