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Gonna take a break from fedi a while. If you don't know where to find me and want to find me, my email address is in my bio

Houston Tiger updates 

The tiger still hasn't been found.

Victor Cuevas, the man who took the tiger in his truck and got away and was later arrested for evading police, just got released from jail on bond.

According to Cuevas's lawyer, Cuevas gave the police "a very important piece of evidence" as to where to find the tiger, but declined to elaborate.

lockpicking lewd (?) 

as with sex, the solution to many lockpicking problems is "more lube"

Thrift store finds 

Three blank sketchbooks for 99 cents each. They go for $15 new.

Houston Tiger 

I just can't get over how weird this is.

I know in Florida this kind of thing happens every other week but

Dave Chappelle doubling down on transphobic and racist jokes 

Dave Chappelle on gender dysphoria: "That's a fucking hilarious predicament."

Dave Chappelle on cancel culture: "I hope we all survive it."

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lockpicking is a great depression hobby because it doesn't take much thought, but it does occupy you

lockpicking, jargon 

this might have something to do with the fact that i don't own any warded lockpicks, but it SHOULD be possible with a normal pick

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lockpicking, jargon 

i've yet to successfully pick a warded lock, despite them supposedly being the easiest kind of lock to pick.

mental health negative 

Anyway imma go lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for twelve hours

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houston tiger jokes are the new harambe jokes, pass it on

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mental health negative 

i should probably try to move my next psych appointment to sooner

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I can't believe the tiger that's lost in Houston isn't a meme yet. Come on, folks.

CW cartoonish violence/blood in GIF 

life be like

fun fact 

(rugby union was discontinued at the olympics after 1924, and the US mainly won the gold then because their players were all american football players back home and, used to playing a much more brutal sport, were basically able to win on pure strength, viciousness, and immunity to pain)

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