#BaseyBall games take a long time to play, and I am very old.
Please BaseyBall faster.

@PostMasterGeneral they could enforce the rules that are already on the books about how fast pitchers have to go, but they don't wanna


That's only part of the problem. If batters stayed in the frickin box instead of going walkabout after every pitch, things would clip right along.

@PostMasterGeneral that's the same rule, though. the pitcher has no obligation to wait for the batter to step back in the box unless the batter has requested permission from the umpire and the umpire has granted it

@john @PostMasterGeneral hmmm. Too bad the strike zone is relative to the batter (I think?) otherwise impatient pitchers could just strike out batters who are taking too long.

@stelepami @PostMasterGeneral according to the rules, if a batter is illegally outside of the batter's box when the pitcher begins his windup, a strike may be called

@john @PostMasterGeneral so, if I'm understanding this right, all this slowdown is the ump's fault for allowing the batters time to faff about? Otherwise the pitchers could just throw strikes while the batters walked about outside of the box?


@stelepami @PostMasterGeneral yes, they should be warning the batters that they are stepping out illegally

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