unemployment nonsense 

the texas workforce commission cut off my unemployment benefits because, according to them, i never attended a required re-employment orientation, which i actually did

when i got ahold of them last friday, the woman i talked to confirmed that that was the listed issue, but she couldn't help me fix it

per her advice, i requested a callback on the website that never came

the re-employment office confirmed to me they recorded my attendance, but they can't help me either


re: unemployment nonsense 

the re-employment office did email me confirmation that i attended, though i don't know why they can't just bug the TWC about it themselves

i'm on hold with the TWC again to try to get them to do something

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re: unemployment nonsense, finances negative 

I ended up calling my state representative's office because I was not getting anywhere with the TWC. They told me that due to increased demand, the TWC has hired a bunch of contractors to answer phones who have no idea what they're doing. They said they'd have an agent (aka someone who DOES know what they're doing) call me within a week.

I can make it through April (barely) without income, but it's gonna be dicey after that if this doesn't get fixed.

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