DuckTales (1980s) 

i could swear i just heard uncle scrooge call flintheart glomgold a "lying bastard," but on rewind it was actually "lying rascal"

DuckTales (1980s) fun fact, racism 

flintheart glomgold, in the original comics, was south african and lived in south africa. he only appeared in three stories by his (and scrooge's) creator, writer and artist carl barks.

when they decided to make flintheart the main villain of the cartoon, they moved him to duckburg and made him scottish like scrooge, partially to make their similarities starker, and partially because they didn't even want to mention south africa in the heat of apartheid.

re: DuckTales (1980s) fun fact, racism 

to clarify, there were no racist overtones to the comic character that i recall, the cartoon creators just didn't even want to mention the nation


re: DuckTales (1980s) fun fact, racism 

modern comic stories usually portray flintheart as DuckTales did

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