DuckTales question 

why the crap does launchpad mcquack's house have "LU" as a logo on it?

DuckTales, capitalism 

how easy rich people think it is to stop being poor

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the horror of toy story 

ah yes, toy story, the animated children's movie franchise that features the existential horror of having no control over your own identity, purpose, or life; the repeated prospect of basically being buried alive for eternity after being forgotten; the knowledge that the one you love most will always eventually abandon you; and the main characters LITERALLY RESIGNING THEMSELVES TO THE FATE OF BEING BURNED ALIVE

toy story 2 

why is the entire deck the ace of spades

toy story 1 

i forgot how horrifying 3D animated humans looked in 1995

CW: uncanny valley baby

My infamous hatred of palm trees in Texas 

It's time for everybody's favorite game: "Guess Which Tree is Not Native to this Climate"

the princess and the frog 

i feel like the movie glossed over naveen and tiana's revolutionary proof that animals are sentient and rational beings

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at last, i have a pouch and kit that looks like the stereotypical set of "thieves' tools"

ok listen, who do i have to talk to in order to get one of these shirts for my own

VHS tape storage drawer used for storage.

i'm not even sure i need to make any changes.

israel/palestine adjacent 

the accuracy

(also if anyone reading this can read hebrew and/or arabic, let me know what they actually say)

D&D, ideas from the thrift store 

i'm going to try using these VHS tape storage drawers to store minis that i may need to have on hand while running . the width of a VHS tape is about the same width as a medium mini, and they'll be lined up neatly in rows.

open question as to whether they'll stay put, but we'll see.

This ambulance shall decide how long I have to sit in this parking lot

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