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US/Texas politics 

You ever wonder why Ted Cruz's beard looks awful?

It's because he doesn't care about his job.

When he's in Congress, he just lets his beard go. He doesn't trim it or even shave his neck. But when he's at CPAC, among other Republicans, who are the only people he cares about due to the fact that they will help him commit the vile acts that he dreams of, he actually cleans up and pretty much looks FINE.

Cruz's beard says what he won't: he does not care about you.

at least one of my medications has "vivid nightmares" as a side effect, and it's kinda killing me

me, a pedantic person watching "ralph breaks the internet": that is not how ebay works 😠

"of course i'm mad with power. you ever try going mad without power? it's terrible! no one listens to you."

imma be honest this improved my mood more than anything else has today

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US politics 

mitch mcconnell: CEO's should stay out of politics

also mitch mcconnell: *has said nothing about mypillow CEO mike lindell's close association with the republican party, including being a speaker at the RNC and a headliner at a GOP fundraising event in dallas*

tired: dresses with pockets

wired: shoes with pockets

inspired: pockets with pockets

job hunt 

last round of interviews over. seemed to go ok. should hear something by the end of the week.

not replacing palm trees with windflowers 

with fronds like these, who needs anemones?

i heard that if you die in wyoming, you die in real life

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