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re: DuckTales (1980s) fun fact, racism 

to clarify, there were no racist overtones to the comic character that i recall, the cartoon creators just didn't even want to mention the nation

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DuckTales (1980s) fun fact, racism 

flintheart glomgold, in the original comics, was south african and lived in south africa. he only appeared in three stories by his (and scrooge's) creator, writer and artist carl barks.

when they decided to make flintheart the main villain of the cartoon, they moved him to duckburg and made him scottish like scrooge, partially to make their similarities starker, and partially because they didn't even want to mention south africa in the heat of apartheid.

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DuckTales (1980s) 

i could swear i just heard uncle scrooge call flintheart glomgold a "lying bastard," but on rewind it was actually "lying rascal"

the beagle boys
the maltese men
the labrador lads
the golden retriever guys
the french bulldog fellows
the dachshund dudes
the chi-chi chaps
the german shepherd gents

it's amazing how "DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp" comes off as a bad copy of the style of Disney's "Aladdin," because "Aladdin" didn't even come out until two years later.

US politics 

Trump supporters are the same kind of people who came away from "Fight Club" thinking that Tyler Durden was the hero.

toy story 3, gender nonconforming intolerance 

compare with bo peep in toy story 4, who pointedly doesn't act traditionally feminine, but is presented as a badass

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toy story 3, gender nonconforming intolerance 

shame on toy story 3 for continually mocking ken for not being traditionally masculine

the horror of toy story 

ah yes, toy story, the animated children's movie franchise that features the existential horror of having no control over your own identity, purpose, or life; the repeated prospect of basically being buried alive for eternity after being forgotten; the knowledge that the one you love most will always eventually abandon you; and the main characters LITERALLY RESIGNING THEMSELVES TO THE FATE OF BEING BURNED ALIVE

alcohol, cops 

Passed by a house with two cop cars parked outside, two cops having a serious discussion with each other standing at the end of the driveway, a lawn chair next to a 3/4 empty large bottle of Jack Daniels sitting in the middle of the driveway, and a man (presumably the resident) in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops dragging a very long and thick chain around the driveway.

There's... there's a story there.

the most common phrase said at the beginning of any recording 

"is it recording?"

toy story 2 

why is the entire deck the ace of spades

lockpicking, jargon 

My thought on Lishi tools*: as they have to be built special for every kind of keyway & pinhole configuration, making them impractical for general use, they're not really lockpicking tools so much as training tools or decoders for keymaking.

*Basically, a 2-in-1 pick and tension tool with a built-in "cheat sheet" that shows you exactly where your pick is in relation to the pins &, after each pin is picked, shows you the depth you'd need to cut a key for the lock at each one.

toy story 1 

i forgot how horrifying 3D animated humans looked in 1995

CW: uncanny valley baby

Littering unfiltered cigarette ends isn't that bad; they're just paper and tobacco. But filters will still be there when we're all dead.

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anyway, good morning to everyone except people who litter cigarette filters

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